Given the ever growing importance of English globally, this course aims at upgrading the learners’ communication skills in English. The course introduces Speaking and Presentation skills as these are missing in the existing syllabus. Stress marking has been replaced with Phonology which will not be tested in the theory examination but only practical done during tutorial lectures. We feel that this additional feature will cater to the specific needs of our learners at the work place. The revised course also drops the Unit entitled ‘Interpretation of Technical Data’ as it has already been taught at the HSC level.


Learning Objectives of the Course:

1) To build up the learners’ confidence in oral and interpersonal communication by reinforcing the basics of pronunciation

2) To enhance the learners’ communication skills by giving adequate exposure in reading and writing. 

3) To orient the learners towards the functional aspects of language

4) To increase the range of lexical resource through a variety of exercises


Learning Outcomes of the Course:

We expect the course to enhance the learners’ vocabulary, grammar and fluency, both in terms of their speech and their writing skills. The learners’ overall confidence is also expected to go up.