This catagory will include courses that are considered useful for developing life long basic skills and do not fit in to any classical subject   

  • 2015 version of Computer Literacy for Biosciences is not much different from previous version. This version is created for the ease of handling this year batch. Also expect some changes and addition to this version soon (May 2015) 

    Computer / ICT is a proven empowering tool, that help humans surpass their limites in many ways. Field of Biology is no exception to this. Being computer literate is must for all biologist.

    We now exclusively depend on computers to efficiently manipulate and analyze large amounts of data resulting from biological experiments and simulations.

    Even in today's digital world of computers most of the students seem to be largely unfamiliar with how computers are being used to pursue and answer questions in science. This undergraduate-level course, titled Computer Literacy for Biology, aims to teach students the basics of a computerized scientific research pursuit and expects students to develop a hands-on working experience in using standard computer software tools as well as computer techniques and methodologies used in biology research.

    Self enrolment: Computer Literacy for Biosciences  2015
  • This short course on Critical Thinking will sensitize you to the need of building your critical thinking skills

    Critical thinking is the ability to think clearly and rationally & requires careful,reflective and independent thinking. 

    Critical thinking does not mean being argumentative or always being critical of others.

    Good critical thinking helps us solve problems, and is useful for all kinds of careersand professions.

     That critical thinking hampers creativity is a misconception.

    Critical thinking is necessary for self-reflection.

    • Like how you learn swimming (you have to practice it in water and can't be done by reading book) critical thinking can be learned by practicing it.

  • This is a free-form course, & is for any one interested in knowing about measurement in a very broad sense. 

    It will require participants to actively involve themselves in variety of activities & discussions & in gathering information from various sources to build their resources /experience. They will need to react to views of other, grade each others and thus learn value.

    We will use a leisurely pace as we are doing it for Fun and Pleasure of learning. Collectively we will decide time frame for each activity (within some limits).  

     This is course is an effort in formulating collective learning strategies.

    Self enrolment: Fun with Measurement