Ruia was one of the three pioneer colleges to begin M.Sc course in the year 1940
Legacy of the excellent students since its inception
Students have brought laurels to our department
Dedicated faculty
Excellent library facilities
Sophisticated laboratory facilities
Link with research institutes and organizations
Autonomy will give us scope to spread our future plans


Dr. Smt. Rohini Sivabalan (Head, Department of Biological Sciences and research guide)
Dr. Rabindra Pai (research guide)
Dr. Sanjay Bhagwat (research guide)
Ms. Vaishali Phusate (Sr. lecturer)
Dr.Mrs. Durga Patkar (lecturer)
Mr. Manoj Kadam (lecturer)
Mrs. Harshada Ahiwlye (lecturer)
Miss. Parchi Sawant (lecturer)
Miss. Shewta Parab (lecturer)

Contribution of Research Guides in research activities
1. Dr. Rohini sivabalan
A. Attended national seminars in all capacities likeAdvisory committee,technical committee and presented research papers
B. She has published ten research papers in national, international journals and peer reviewed journals
C. She has successfully guided five students for their M.Sc. Degree and four students for their Ph.D degrees
D. Three students have registered themselves for their Ph. D. degree under her
E. Her area of interest is toxicology, Reproductive toxicology and pharmacological toxicology
F. She is a member of an ethical committee at CDRL , Mumbai.
G. She is a member of syllabus committee for M.Sc. Part II syllabus
H. She is a referee for Ph.D. thesis evaluation
I. She is a senate member of
University of Mumbai.

2. Dr. Rabindra Pai
A. Attended and participated in National seminar on "Emerging trends in animal hematology" at Patana University
B. Presented three research papers at Goa University during ISCAP conference
C. Presented three research papers at the National symposium organised by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar university, Aurangabad
D He has successfully guided two research students for their M.Sc. degree.
E. He was the resource person for refresher course at
Goa University
F. His area of interest is hematology and microbiology

3. Dr. Sanjay Bhagwat
A. Attended and participated in National seminar on Aquaculture at Institute of Science , Mumbai
B. Presented a research paper at 19th international congress of Zoology ,Beijing, China
C. He has published four research papers in national and international journals.
D. He has successfully completed three research projects funded by
INTAC, UK and University of Mumbai
He has registered one student for her Ph. D. degree
F. He is a recipients of one minor research project from UGC and financial assistance for research project from
University of Mumbai.
G. He was awarded best paper presentation award at refresher course in Radiation biology organised by
University of Rajasthan
His area of interest is cytology, ecology and wildlife biology
I. He is a syllabus committee member for M.Sc.part II syllabus,
University of Mumbai
Actively involved with education extension programmes organised by university of Mumbai.

4. Ms. Vaishali Phusate (Sr. lecturer)
She is a confirmed staff of the department and at present she is on Faculty Improvement Programme (FIP) for carrying out her Ph. D. under the able guidance of Dr. Mrs. Rohini.

5. Dr.Mrs. Durga Patkar (lecturer)
She has been appointed as lecturer in zoology from
3rd October 2006


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