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About Centre for Slum Studies (CSS)

When all were reluctant to talk about slum, Ramnarian Ruia College, University of Mumbai, initiated the Centre for Slum Studies back in 2002, supported academics with experiences in slums.  Up till now seven batches are completed successfully. Out of them 70% candidates secured respectable positions in good Placements. Now Centre provides many courses like Certificate Courses and Post Graduate Diploma in Slum Studies & Development, of which PGDSSD is affiliated to Mumbai University.


  • CSS - Expertise Staff
  • Dr. Medha Somaiya, M.Sc. Ph. D. PGADUM, Founder, Co-ordinator
  • Dr. Vikas Vaidya, M.Sc.  Ph. D, Assistant Co-ordinator
  • Hemangi Ingle, B.A.Management, MSW (Community Development), M. Phil (Sociology), Assistant Co-ordinator
  • Yogita Salvi, Administrative Officer


Co-ordinator's Profile

Academic Qualification  - M Sc. in (Organic Chemistry)

- PhD in Political Science (Thesis - Politics of Slum Rehabilitation Policy in Mumbai)

- Post Graduation Advance Diploma in Urban Management

- DHE (Professional Qualification for Teaching)

Studies •-          Classification of Slums for Slum Sanitation Programme

•-          De-notification of Slum

•-          Slum Drop outs from Municipal Schools in Mumbai

•-          Sunder Mumbai-Smart Mumbai - Edited Booklet 

-          Economic Status and Quality of Life for the residents of Mumbai

•-          Urban Poverty mapping-Slum Centric  City Profile Mumbai (S ward - Ram nagar)

•-          Redevelopment of Dharavi -  Analysis of Kumbharwada

•-          Poverty & Shelter (Chapter in Urban Poverty Module  - PG Diploma in Urban Management)

•-          Micro Crediting practices in Slums

•-          Priority of Needs of urban migrants in Mumbai

•-          Social Auditing in Slum Rehabilitation Program in JUNNRM


Professional Updates:- a)      Co-ordinator, Centre for Slum Studies,

                             Ramnarain Ruia College

                             Matunga(E), Mumbai-19

b)      Chairperson, Jan Shikshan Sansthan,(MoHR, GoI)

        Vocational Training Institute

        Raigad, Maharashtra

c)     General Secretary, Yuvak Pratisthan, ISO 2001

       Non-Government Organization,

       Mulund, Mumbai

      d)    Freelance Column writer- Loksatta, Vivek,  Maharashtra Times, Tarun  Bharat

      e)      Visiting Resource person i.       - All India Institute of Local Self  Government 

 ii.      - YASHADA -  Pune 

 iii.      - Rachana Sansad College of Architecture, Mumbai 

 iv.      - New Law College Matunga, Mumbai

Teaching - Learning Innovations at CSS

•·  Lecture method coupled with audio-visual material, films& documentaries, case studies, interactive    session, and On Field lectures.

•·    Acclaimed personalities form relevant field as guest faculty


Innovation in Evaluation

•·         Project Work

•·         Presentations and Field Behavior

•·         Class Assignments

•·         Viva-voce

•·         Group Discussions

•·         Credit  system for certificate courses

Courses offered in Centre of Slum Studies (CSS) (Part Time)

                Academic Courses for PG students:  

•·         Post Graduate Diploma in Slum Studies And Development (PGDSSD)

Supported by UGC for innovative course promotion

Eligibility - Graduate (in any field)

Duration - 18 months/ Three Semesters

Seats - 40          Fees - Rs. 10,000/-

Medium of Instruction - English

Medium of Answer- Marathi, Hindi, English

Passing - 50 % Marks (As per University rules)

Academic Courses for UG students:  

•·         Certificate Course in Slum Studies (CCSS)

•·         Certificate Course in Urban Environment Management (CCUEM)

•·         Certificate Course on Energy Conservation and Waste

Management (CCECSW)              

•·         Certificate Course in Family Health Education and HIV/AIDS (CCFEHA)

                                    Eligibility - HSC

Duration - Six months, June to December

Seats per course - 50          Fees - Rs. 1,500/-

Medium of Instruction - Marathi, Hindi, English

Medium of Answers - Marathi, Hindi, English

No written Exams, Evaluation by credits

Details of Value added Courses for regular students

Post Graduate Diploma in Slums Studies and Development (PGDSSD)

Theory Syllabus

Semester I

Paper -I       Slums and Urbanization: Introduction                                           Lecture 40 - Marks 100.

Module 1             Slum Studies and Development                                               

Module 2             Perspective about Slums                                                                                             

Module 3             Slum Overview                                                                

Module 4             Development Concept in Slum                                 

Module 5             Motivation and Participation                                                                                      

Paper -II     Slum Development:-Governance and schemes.                         Lecture 40 - Marks 100.

Module 1             Slum and Governance                                                                  

Module 2             Slums and Stakeholders                                               

Module 3             Slum Policies and Schemes in India                                         

Module 4             Slums and Urban Environment Management                     

Module 5             Slums and Poverty Management                             


Semester II

Paper -III    Integrated Planning and Implementation of Schemes            Lecture 40  - Marks 100.

Module 1     Introduction of Urban Planning                                                        

Module 2    Community Organizations (NGOs/CBOs) and Networking                     

Module 3     Communication

Module 4        Working and Implementation (Advanced)                               

Module 5        Housing as Human Right                                               


Paper -IV    Management, Research and Documentation                              Lecture 40  - Marks 100.

Module 1             Documentation and Evaluation                                 

Module 2             Project Proposal Preparations                                                   

Module 3             Socio-economic Research Methods                        

Module 4             MIS                                                                                                                       

Module 5             IEC and Media                                                                  


Semester III

Field Orientation (Separately done with Guided Field Visits)

100Hrs Supervised field orientation in any Community Based Organisation

•1.       Internal ( By institutional in-charge)                                                         100 Marks

•2.       External Assessment                                                                                      50 Marks

Field Project Assignment by research

10 Pages assignments on slum related topic                                                        50 Marks

Total: - 400 (Theory) + 150 (Field Orientation) +50 (Assignment by research) = 600 Marks

Syllabus of Certificate courses

Certificate Course in Slum Studies (CCSS)

  • •·         Urbanization and Industrialization
  • •·         Urbanization and Growth of Cities.
  • •·         Local Self Government, Urban Governance
  • •·         Urban Service Delivery Mechanism
  • •·         Service delivery to Slum Settlements
  • •·         Role of Various Stakeholders at local Level
  • •·         Existing Central / State Sponsored Schemes
  • •·         Mechanism in Implementation
  • •·         Health and Hygiene Schemes
  • •·         Waste Management & Energy Conservation
  • •·         Interaction with Municipal Bodies UPA Programs and its Implementation
  • •·         Concept of Social Work in Slums
  • •·         Social Networking in Slum
  • •·         Coordination with Local Elected Members
  • •·         Dissemination and Documentation
  • •·         Handling the Media
  • •·         Agency  Administration


Certificate Course in Urban Environment Management (CCUEM)

•·         Understanding of the Subject

•·         Urbanization and Environmental Management Management

•·         Definition of Urban Ecosystem

•·         Application Related to Urban issues

•·         Scope of Urban Environment Management

•·         Gender and Health Issues

•·         Environment Safely issues in a Broader Sense

•·         Policy Issues and Audits

•·         ISO Standardization System in UEM

•·         Stakeholder Consultation and Presentation

•·         City Related Topics

•·         Waste Management

•·         Energy Conservation in Urban Areas


Certificate Course on Energy Conservation and Solid Waste Management (CCECSW)    

•·         Personality Development, Communication Skills, Stress Management, Behavioral Change and Alcoholism and Leadership Development

•·         Urbanization and Industrialization, Growth of cities, Growth of Slum, Problems in Slums, Perspective about Slums

•·         Vermiculture / Composting, Biogas Plants Hazardous waste Management,Bio medical waste Management Community based waste Management, Rag pickers and Kabadiwal as Dumping Grounds Landfill Site

·         Management Solid Waste (Act), Slum Adoption Scheme, Hydrabad Pattern, Techniques of waste Collection, Type of wastes, Handling of Waste, Segregation at Source, Safety Majors, Future Opportunities

•·         India and Rain Water Harvesting -Rain Water Harvesting in Urban Areas, Rain Water Harvesting in Mumbai , Rain Water Harvesting in Slums
•·         Rain Wate Harvesting and Ecology -Quality of Rain Water

Rain Water Harvesting and Ground water recharging,

•·         Case Studies and Film

Certificate Course in Family Health Education and HIV/AIDS (CCFEHA)


•a.       Basic of HIV/AIDS

•b.      HIV/AIDS and Blood banks

•c.       Prevention of HIV

•d.      Care And Support

•e.      Role of Government

•2)      Counseling Component

•a.       Communication

•b.      Counseling in HIV

•c.       Technique and New Concept of Rehabilitation

•d.      Present Working NGO's and their Role

•3)      Pre and post HIV

•a.       Alcohol, drugs & HIV

•b.      HIV & Opportunities Infections

•c.       Inter-linkage   between HIH-TB -Malaria

•d.      PPTCT-AIDS free new generation

•e.      Present research about vacancies and micro besides

•4)      Family Health Education Component

•a.       Basic of family health Education

•b.      Electives of family health education

•c.       Behavioral pattern and HIV

•d.      High Risk groups & behavioral pattern

•e.      Negotiation Tactics  and Spread of Disease

•f.        Sexually & life Style Education


Field Orientation & Experience -50 hrs in any NGO Working in relevant fields

(Same for all Certificate Courses with Subject Related topics)


(Same for all Certificate Courses with various subject related topics)


Absolutely Free for every Course

  • •·    Soft Skill Development (Interview Skills,
  • Group Discussion, Presentation, Time Management etc.)
  • •·    Leadership And Personality Development
  • •·    Communication Skills, Motivation Techniques
  • •·    Research and Documentation
  • •·    Basics in Disaster Management


CSS Researches and Consultancies for various agencies

Projects completed

  1. Kumabarwada Sector II- Socio economic profile for Prajapati Society, Dharavi, Sion
  2. Survey of NMMC Slum Cluster - AIILSG
  3. Environment Awareness and Capacity Building of PAPs MMRDA sites- ERM
  4. Resale and Rehabilitation status of Mithi River PAPs
  5. Survey of Slum De- listing (Mulund colony)
  6. Quality of Life - rehabilitation Families  in SRA Mumbai - CURE 
  7. Research Study on Mapping of informal Sector (Street  Hawkers) in City -
  8. Evaluation of VAMBAY in Maharashtra - YASHADA
  9. Social Strategy for BRIMSTOWAD - MWH

Future Plans

  • Poverty Mapping with help of remote sensing  in Mumbai
  • Slums networking in selected slums and capacity building the CBO's
  • Scaling up of the activities in National and international universities


Training Programmes for GOs & NGOs 

•a.       SJSRY Groups in Kalyan-Dombivali Municipal Corporation & Badalapur Nagarpalika

•b.      Disaster Management Workshop for Dattak Vasti Yojana candidates & SJSRY Groups

•c. Personality Development Workshop for EWS Students of age 14 to 20 year

  1. Slum Adoption Programme - Community Based Organizations Peer Training Project
  2. Environmental awareness and capacity building program in Rehab colonies MMRDA -ERM


Orientation workshops

  1. "Sunder Mumbai Sahi Mumbai" Campaign in the year 2005
  2. Open Discussion on Voting Rights for Slum Dwellers in the year  2006
  3. Perspective to Practical in the year 2006
  4. Solid Waste Management workshop in the year 2007 
  5. Environmental Science scope and Job Opportunities 2008
  6. Need of academic studies in substandard habitats in Delhi 2009


Worked with:-

  • •1.      All India Institute Of Local Self Government
  • •2.      UNITED WAYS
  • •3.      MWH
  • •4.      ERM
  • •5.      YASHADA
  • •6.      Veddanta Foundation
  • •7.      MIDC
  • •8.      Thane Municipal Corporation
  • •9.      Kalyan Dombivali Municipal Corporation
  • •10.  Kulgaon Badlapur Municipal Council


Our Prestigious Students

  • Zamir Shaikh, Secretary to Labour Minister Nawab Malik, Maharastra
  • Syed Najmul Hasan, Teacher in Dominic Savio School, Ghatkopar. Mumbai
  • Rajan Parkar, Journalist, Daily Mahanagar Newspaper Mumbai, Member of Central Board of Film Certification, Government of India,

Member of Advisory Committee of Mahanagar Telephone Nagar Limited, Eastern zone, Mumbai,

Member of Maharastra State Sport Council

  • Raj Jangam, Studing MBA in Social Entrepreneurship, Narsee Monji college
  • Prof. Kamalakar Hindulkar, Lecturer Jhunjhunwala College


One Line for CSS

•ü  Drawing salary of Rs. 14,000/- as community officer in one year after DSSD - Mr. Pandey

•ü  Started my own business as municipal contractor due to support form CSS - Mr. Kailas

•ü  Starting salary was Rs.3,000/- after HSC , Now hike of Rs. 2000/- due to training. Thanks CCSS - Miss Nishigandha Samath,

•ü  It helped me in joining TISS, MSW- Vibhavari, Miss. Divya

•ü  Now I am authority in handling my students in slums. I can understand them well -  Done DSSD - Mr. Kamalakar Hindulkar, M. Sc. DSSD

•ü  DSSD helped me in my job - Mr. Zamir Shaikh, Class one officer, Secretariat

•ü  I was afraid of going in red light area, after DSSD, I chosen it as my area of social work, - Miss. Suvarna, M.A. DSSD

•ü  CSS made me confident enough to face any person or situation and handle it successfully - Miss Sunita Gaikwad, MSW

And 500 + aluminies (ex students)

Our Prestigious Students

•·         Mr. Chinmay Tumbe

•·         Miss Divya

•·         Mr. Raj Jangam

•·         Miss Jui Gangan

•·         Miss Kavita

•·         Mr. Prasad

•·         Mr. Zamir Shaikh

•·        Ms.  Chetanya


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