Dept of Microbioogy

Year of Establishment: June 1977


This year we are starting with a new conept of photo/Video Journal along with regular laboratory books and journals

Almost every student now possesses a phone with good quality camera. We are going to exploit this by asking students to records their results, experimental procedures, whatever they think relevant and share it with the whole class /public. We hope that this will provide them with real time recall system and help remember exactly what they didd while performing experiments.

FYBSc students are uploading photos of all equipments on the group album with necessary description. Once the collection is complete, they will move to videos recording of instrument operations etc. -  Here is our first output

Special Features

Special features of the Department:

  • Active participation in CPE, FIST, DBT sponsered Star College Program 
  • Departmental facilities are available to students through out the year including vacations. (Lab is closed only on Public holidays announced by College)
  • Extensive and regularly updated book bank with not only textbooks but also reference in all related subjects (more than 1500 books and 150 titles in specialized area)
  • Conducts courses for specialized needs of undergraduate students of Microbiology
  • Actively encourages students to undertake research projects - Project based / inquary based learning
  • Extensive collection of educational / subject related software (in public domain), freely available for copy and also download (only few due to size restrictions) from dept site
  • Dedicated computer facilities for active use of student: All computers are on LAN with Windows / Linux / Knowpix operating systems


e-Learning Classroom, All Labs, Labs, office with LAN /Intranet/Internet,

  "Moodle" based educational server system for online type of courses Bioinformatics, Molecular Biology
  Internet connection for unlimited internet connectivity for academic use - (regulated use)
   e-Portfolio / Personalized Learning Environment
  • Conducted 4 Refresher courses for UGC ASC, Univ. of Mumbai (1999, 2000, 2003, 2004)
  • Eco-biodiversity Net for Microbiology from 1999 as a intercollegiate activity
  • Undertakes commercial sample analysis, process development, consultation services for industry

Courses Offered

Courses offered:

Aided Courses

Unaided Courses (Departmental)

Not affiliated to/recognized by any university or  Edu. Body

  B Sc Microbiology
  M Sc Microbiology (by Research Only)*
  Ph D Microbiology*

Online Certificate Course in




Molecular Biology

Unaided Courses

M.Sc Microbiology by Papers from 2008-09

 * Department is recognized to register total 10 students together for M Sc by Research & Ph D in Microbiology



Faculty of the Department

Name, Qualifications

& Designation

Research Guide for

 Recognized University PG teacher (for M.Sc. theory)

Area of Interest for Research

Dr R P Phadke

M Sc, Ph D

Associate Professor,

Head of the Department

M Sc & Ph D Microbiology

M Sc  Microbiology &  M.Sc LifeScience

Lab on Chip/Paper, Systems & Computational Biology, Bioinformatics· Microarray data analysis Non-aqueous enzymology for biotransformations / process modeling / Flux analysis· Membrane less fuel cell· Bio-fertilizer development , Science Education

Mrs. L R Phadke

M Sc, M Phil

Associate Professor

M Sc Microbiology

 M Sc  Microbiology

Molecular Biology, Applied Microbiology, Environmental Science, Biodiversity

Dr D Vora

M Sc, Ph D,

Associate Professor

M Sc & Ph D Microbiology

 M Sc  Microbiology &  M.Sc LifeScience

Regulation and Production of Enzymes of Bacillus Spp.· Germination and differentiation of spore bearers· Cultivation and physiology of Fresh water algae· Control of Microorganisms wrt cosmetics/ personal care products

Mrs. U N Palan

M Sc, M Phil

Associate Professor

M Sc Microbiology

 M Sc  Microbiology

Immunomodulation, Biodiversity, Medical microbiology Rapid Diagnostics

Mrs. A S Lokur

M Sc, M Phil

Associate Professor

M Sc Microbiology

 M Sc  Microbiology

Patent law' Biodiversity Environmental Microbiology Miniaturization in diagnostics

Ms V Shukla

M Sc,

Associate Professor

(on FIP) 


 M Sc  Microbiology

Studies in Spirulina, Extremophiles

Mr. V M Tupe

M Sc,

Assistant Professor 





Class Sites

Class site concept was introduced last yea rfor TY Class and now adapted for all classes. Such website is now being used for recording happenings in every class, collecting student submissions, being used as a backbone during regular classroom teaching as well as a medium for sharing ideas, posing and solving ex-tempo questions. We are still exploring possible uses. Here are links for few

FY Class Site          SY Class Site        TY Class Site     Microfluidic Project Site    M Sc Project Site



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