Year of Establishment: June 1937 

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 Courses offered:

B. Sc. Mathematics


B.A. Mathematics 


B.A. Mathematics and Economics 



Special features of the Department: 

Course Syllabus: Main Topics


Department is fully equipped with state of the art computing facility required for students till the T.Y. B.Sc. level, in particular  Department is having Mathematica Software for symbolic computation and has  its own laboratory for Applied Components Practicals for T.Y.B.Sc. and these computeres are connected with LAN.


Departmental Computer Lab is made available to students to get hand on with practicals.


Department has its own library where along with text books several other books are kept so that students will benefit from these and span of their studies will encompass various aspects of subject they are studying.


Department offers various projects to students from F.Y. B. Sc. to T.Y.B.Sc. in specially chosen areas of mathematics which in turn inspires them to pursue research in Mathematics.


Department organizes many activities in order to help students understand the subject. These include :

bullet Talks by experts and experienced academicians, eminent mathematicians from T.I.F.R., I.I.T. Mumbai University etc. These include acclaimed Scientist and mathematicians Prof. Jayant Naralikar, Dr J.K Varma, Dr Cowsik amongst many others.
bullet Bombay Mathematical Colloquium is one the famous organizations in India active in the field of mathematics since its inception in 1936. It organizes discussions on formation of syllabus, review of the same, paper pattern etc. Colloquium also provides a kind of platform for active mathematicians from and around Mumbai.
bullet Our Department has played a significant role in the history of Bombay mathematical Colloquium and continues to do so.
bullet We host many of their activities including celebrated Huzurbazar Lecture every year.  

Spotting talented students and providing them guidance is being done by expert academicians in different institutions such as I.I.T., Dept of Mathematics ? University of Mumbai etc.

bullet Department encourages students to participate in such activities and our students are selected on a regular basis to attend these workshops viz. ? Workshop in Mathematics at IIT Bombay? and ?MT & TS Summer school?

Department has been conducting Seminar Presentation Competition? on inter collegiate level every year.


The faculty members of the department have been invited as resource person by various reputed academic institutions and organizations


Many of our past students have become mathematicians of repute at the national and international level.

Courses offered  during B.Sc. F. Y. B. Sc. Calculus and Differential Equations.

Discrete mathematics

S. Y. B. Sc  Linear algebra Analysis.

Numerical Analysis, Algorithms and Graph Theory.

T. Y. B. Sc Multivariable Calculus.Algebra.Mechanics and Differential Equations.


Courses offered  during B.A.   F. Y. B.A.

Calculus and Differential Equations.

S. Y. B.A. Linear algebra.


T. Y. B.A. (Mathematics)  Multivariable Calculus.Algebra.Mechanics and Differential Equations.


 T. Y. B.A. (Mathematics and  Economics)  Multivariable Calculus.



Faculty of the department:

Name, Qualifications  & Designation       Qualifications
Mr R. R. Andhale  Head of the Department M.Sc
Mr. N.B. Potadar Assistant Professor
 Mrs.(Dr) M.D. Patwardhan  Assistant Professor
Miss Saayali Sahasrabudhe


  •   Mr. Andhale is serving as a Treasurer for Bombay  Mathematical Colloquium.   
  •  Mrs.(Dr) Patwardhan holds Ph.D. in Functional Analysis from University of Pune and has served as a Faculty of Mathematics in IGNOU, New Delhi.
  •  Mr. N. B. Potadar has recently submitted final report on account of completing a minor research project funded by UGC ( No. F23-442/2004) on explicit formula for scalar convex conservation laws and possibility of  exhibiting boundary layers by these formulae.  He is studying initial boundary value problem for one particular scalar convex conservation law similar to that considered  by  Prof. P.D. Lax of Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences  at New York University and Prof. K.T. Joseph of  TIFR Mumbai. 


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