Herbal Sciences




Herbal Science 

Self financed post graduate Course established in 2008

Aims and Objectives of the course:

  • The main objective of the two year M.Sc programme in Herbal Sciences is to develop trained human resources for the fast growing Herbal Industry .

  • Herbal science a career oriented professional course may cater to the needs of the students of the area and provide opportunity and career avenues to the students of Biological Sciences.

  • Train work force with enough knowledge of Herbal Sciences for quality formulations received by end-user.

  • This course provides potential source of knowledge for biodynamic compounds useful in providing effective health care to the poor world.

Admission Process

Duration: Two Years (Full Time)

Eligibility: Graduate in any Biological Sciences or Chemistry (Minimum 50 %) with any  

                   Biological subject upto second year SYBSc.

Criteria of Selection: Entrance Test

Selection of Candidates: Admissions will be granted as per rules laid down by the

                                      University of Mumbai. It will be based on the performance of the

                                      candidate in the entrance examination.

Capacity: Intake Capacity for Part I =20 seats and for Part II = 20 seats


Core Faculty:

Dr Behnaz Patel

( Co-ordinator)

                       Ms Dhwani Mehta


                       Ms Shama Zaidi          



Visiting Faculty:

Ms Surekha Sarangdhar

Dr Madhubala Bhandari

Dr Ujwala Bapat

(HOD, Dept. of Botany, St. Xavier's College  Autonomous)

Dr. Rajendra Shinde

(Associate Professor, St. Xavier's College Autonomous)

Dr.Sagarika Damle

( Associate Professor, KC College)

Dr. Sharada Vaidya

(Assistant Professor, CHM College)


M.Sc. Semester I and II - Herbal Science Syllabus

Credit Based and Grading System

 Academic year 2012-2013





Title of the Paper: Plant Sciences I

I Introduction to Herbal Sciences

II Introduction to Pharmacopoeia

III Cryptogams I (Algae and Fungi)

IV Cryptogams II (Bryophytes & Pteridophytes)


Title of the Paper: Modern Plant Authentification Techniques

I Techniques in Chromatography - I

II Techniques in Chromatography - II

III Electrophoresis

IV Spectroscopy


Title of the Paper: Cultivation Practices I

I  Vegetative Propagation Techniques

II Sexual Reproduction in Angiosperms

III Hydroponics

IV Polyhouse Technology


Title of the Paper: Phytoconstituents I

I Primary Metabolites I

II Primary Metabolites II

III Secondary Metabolites I

IV Secondary Metabolites II


PSHSP101 Plant Sciences I

PSHSP102 Modern Plant Authentification Techniques  

PSHSP103 Cultivation Practices I

PSHSP104 Phytoconstituents I




Title of the Paper: Plant Sciences II

I Gymnosperms

II Angiosperms I

III Angiosperms II 

IV Taxonomic Evidence


Title of the Paper: Genomics, Proteomics, Bioinformatics and Biostatistics

I Genomics and Proteomics 

II Bioinformatics I

III Bioinformatics II

IV Biostatistics


Title of the paper : Cultivation Practices II

I In vitro Techniques in Plant Propagation I  

II In vitro Techniques in Plant Propagation II 

III Transgenic Plants 1

IV Alternative Methods of Secondary Metabolite Production 


Title of the paper: Phytoconstituents II

I Pharmacopeial Drugs of Plant Origin I 

II Pharmacopeial Drugs of Plant Origin II

III Enzymology I 

IV Enzymology II

PSHSP201 Plant Sciences II 

PSHSP202 Genomics, Proteomics, Bioinformatics and Biostatistics

PSHSP203 Cultivation Practices II

PSHSP204 Phytoconstituents II


Few of the research projects undertaken by our students

Evaluation of polyherbal - Trichup hairfall control oil and Trichup anti-dandruff oil

(Vasu Research Centre)

Formulation and development of herbal anti aging cream.

(Dr. Sitaram Dixit  S.H. Kelkar Company Pvt. Ltd)

Study of Cuscuta on different hosts.

(R. Ruia College. Mumbai)

Nutritive Evaluation of Some Selected Pulses

(Piramal Life Sciences Ltd.Goregaon,Mumbai)

Antibacterial Activity of Holarrhena antidesyenterica and determination of marker bands in formulation.

Sandu Brothers Pvt Ltd

Guggul Shodhan; Compariative study between Ashodit and Shodit Gugul Sample

Dhootpapeshwar Industries Pvt Ltd

Evaluation of herbal syrup formulation.

Piramal Life Sciences Ltd.Goregaon,Mumbai

Antioxidants and Antimicrobial activities of Caryota Urens

Haffkine Institute



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