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B Sc Botany

M Sc Botany (Specialization -Molecular Biology, Cytogenetics and Plant Biotechnology)

Mushroom Cultivation

City Farming

Basics of Horticulture (in association with the association Green Fingers )

Faculty Members



PG recognition / Research Guide

Dr Behnaz B Patel Head of the Department.MSc in Botany 1976(Cytogenetics)PhD 1980 (Cytohistochemistry- JRF- CSIR) MSc By Papers
MSc by research
PhD (2005)
Dr Sunita Shailajan MSc in Botany 1980 (Pl Physiology), MPhil, PhD (Herbal Med Plants)

MSc By Papers
July 2005
MSc by research


Dr Bhavna Narula MSc in Botany (Economic Botany)
PhD (Pl Physiology)

MSc By Papers
MSc by research


Dr Jessy Pius

MSc in Botany, MPhil,
PhD Botany (Plant Tissue Culture)

MSc By Papers
MSc by research


Ms Manjusha Nikale

MSc in Botany (Plant Anatomy), MPhil,

Ms Anjali Lade MSc in Botany (Paleobotany)
Dr Sunil Shankhdarwar MSc in Botany
PhD in Botany (Phycology)

MSc by Research(2009)
Dr. Behnaz B. Patel
  • Member Board of Studies in Botany, University of Mumbai
  • Member Faculty of Science, University of Mumbai
  • Member Syllabus Committee in Botany, University of Mumbai
  • Member, Advisory Board in Biotechnology at 2 colleges affiliated to Mumbai University
  • Convener MSc Botany Lectures at Ruia Centre – Part I and II.
  • Ph.D - Branch- Cytogenetics.Topic - Studies in Papilionaceae- Cytohistochemical Investigations in genus Crotalaria Linn.
  • Paper Published- five
  • Research Guide – Ph.D and MSc (Research ) in Botany.
  • No of Students registered for PhD -01
  • Guided several post graduate students for their projects in the fields of Plant Biotechnology and Cytogenetics and Plant Breeding.
  • Students have presented papers in National Conferences based on their project work.
  • Areas of Interest – Cytology, Genetics, Plant Biotechnology, Plant Breeding and Plant Molecular Biology.


Dr Sunita Shailajan
  • In - charge- Industrial Coordinating Centre, Ruia College
  • Research guide for MSc Botany and PhD in Botany.
  • No. of students completed(MSc Botany by research) - 3 
  • Ph.D - Branch- Herbal Medicinal plants, Topic - Standardisation of herbal medicine - Asteracantha longifolia Ness.
  • Total number of Papers Published- 51
  • Total number of abstracts published -79
  • Areas of Interest – Standardisation of herbal medicines.

Dr. Bhavna R. Narula.
  • Ph.D -Branch- Plant Physiology, Topic - Physiology of crop plants: responses of Gossypium arboreum var. Y-1 to NaCl stress.
  • Paper Published-02
  • Abstracts published-
  • Research Guide – MSc (Research ) in Botany.
  • Guided several post graduate students for their projects in the fields of Plant Biotechnology


Dr. Jessy Pius.Ph.D -
  • Branch- Plant Tissue culture.Topic - In vitro investigations on Fingermillet and Pearlmillet.
  • Papers Published- 08.
  • Abstracts published- 19.
  • Research Guide – MSc (Research ) in Botanyand PhD.
  • No. of students completed(MSc Botany by research) - 3
  •   Guided several post graduate students for their projects in the field of Plant Biotechnology.

Ms Manjusha Nikale
  • MSc- Plant Anatomy, MPhil.
  • PhD. - (Thesis submitted)Title - Autoecology, Pharmacognostic and pharmacological study of Salacia macrosperma and Salacia chinensis in comparison with Salacia reticulata, an antidiabetic drug found in the Western Ghats.
  • Papers published -03
  • Abstracts published - 02
Ms Anjali Lade
  • MSc -Paleobotany
Dr. Sunil S. Shankhadarwar
  • PhD - Phycology, Title- Ecophysiological studies on toxic waste water algae.
  • Papers published - 03
  • Abstracts published -09
  Achievements of the department in the last Six Years:
  • The Department is considered as the TEMPLE OF BOTANY in the IN THE in the in University of Mumbai as it churns out rank holders at the TYBSc and MSc level exams year after year. (The list will be provided by Dr Sunil Shankhdarwar shortly


  • Our ex- students are well placed in Universities like Texas , Wisconsin , NewYork State University , Atlanta State University , Housten University and Ohio University , where they are carrying out research in the fields of Molecular biology, Biotechnology and Genetics.


  • At the national level our ex-students are holding prestigious posts at world renowned Institutes like BARC, Homi Bhabha Science Centre, Pfizer, Molecular Diagonostics Center , Zandu Pharmaceuticals, Sandu Pharmaceuticals and Charak Pharmaceuticals.


  • Several teachers in various colleges of Mumbai University are Alumni of Botany Department of Ruia college.Courses conducted by the Department


  • In association with Green fingers the department conducts courses on Horticulture,Mushroom cultivation and City Farming.The Department has also conducted workshops on Fungal Biotechnology and Natural Dyes and Pigments.


  • In June/ July 2006 the department will be conducting a course in phyto remediation using fungi for the teachers and post graduate students of botany.· !999-2000Four of our MSc. Cytogenetics students Ms.Pradnyna Vispute, Ms. SujataSerdesai Ms. Madhuri Susarla and Ms.Sabina Perera attended the Indo-European Symposium and Workshop on Ccytogenetics and Molecular Genetics.


  • Ms. Somya Diwedi and Ms. Sabina Perera undertook a one month training in In-vitro Techniques at GAREF and BARC respectively during the Diwali Vacation.The Department conducted a well-received seminar and competition for the Mumbai University PG Cytogenetics students. The topics highlighted were a) Pre-natal diagnosis b) Genetics of twins c) Dermatoglyphic Patterns and d) In-vitro Techniques.


  • Ms. Aseem Gorkan was invited to the college for an interesting talk on Kitchen Gardening with special reference to its importance under the urban environment.


  •  Ms. Ratna Modi-Dave delivered a lecture cum demonstration on Bonsai. Our students appreciated the concept of bringing a part of nature indoor.


  • 2001-2002· Jointly with the Indian Botanical Society, Mumbai Chapter, the Departments arranged a talk entitled “Growing an Embryo, Growing a Brain” by Dr. Shubha Tore of TIFR. Her talk attracted not just our students but also attracted the teachers and post-graduate students of various colleges of Mumbai University
  • For the benefit of the TYBSc Horticulture students a lecture-cum-demonstration on Ikebana by Ms. Nayana Shah was organized by Dr. Behnaz Patel. The unflinching interest of the students was evident by their uninterrupted attention and constant interaction during the uninterrupted 2 ½ hours of the lecture cum- demonstration.
  • 2003-2004
  • Five TYBSc Botany students – Miss Awanti A Pandhye, Ms. Sweedle W Cerejo, Mr. Abhijeet A Kausha, Mr. Kaustubh C Bhagat and Mr. Ninad B Raut participated in the events of “Herbal World 2003 organized by Prabodhan, .at Goregaon Mumbai. The events included a training session of two months covering topics on Taxonomy and Ayurveda followed by competitions on medicinal plants. Avanti and Kaustubh bagged the second and third prizes respectively.
  • Mr. Ninad Raut, Mr. Abhijeet Khushal, Miss. Minal Lama and Miss Shreelatha J. of TYBSc Botany were selected for the Industry Oriented Certificate course on Sensory Evaluation organized by Merico Indusrtries Ltd.Selling yourself by Mr. Sanjeev Nair of Wigan and Leigh College was of immense help to our students giving them an insight into writing their CV and presenting themselves at interviews.
  • The talk cum demonstration on the Manufacture of Herbal Toothpastes by Mr. Patil and Dr. B P J Patel which extended for upto four hours kept our students completely engrossed.

  • 2004- 2005· The Department invited Ms Manisha Kondulkar to demonstrate Ikebana for the benefit of the Botany and Life Science students.

  • Under the aegis of The University of Mumbai and Mycological Society of India the department under the leadership of Dr Behnaz Patel organized a Workshop on Medical Mycology for teachers and students of Botany, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Life Science, Microbiology and Zoology on 6th February 2005 . The workshop combined various aspects of Botany, Microbiology and Medicine.


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