This section deals with academic aspects of college life.

Academic aspects can be approached in two distinct ways

bulletFrom Course point of view - Under Courses Section
bulletFrom individual Subject point of view - under Departments Section

To complete any university course like B.A. / B.Sc. students are required to take every year specified number of subjects in a specified order. Details about this perspective are provided in the Courses pages.

Departments section represents basic units of a college and usually deal with subject/s, that are offered by each department. Departments may teach other than University degree courses - like add on courses, certificate courses, part time courses of their own design. These details along with history of department, faculty members, achievements of students, subject syllabi, web links etc are presented in departmental pages.

Research activity is an integral part of the academic program of the Ruia College for decades now. Generally research activities are mainly carried out in university departments, but Ruia College has developed more than adequate infrastructure and research culture over past several decades and fostered training of masters and doctoral students who are now holding important posts in Industry and Research Institutes. Research activities also enables college to actively interact with industry. Undergraduate students are also encouraged to participate in these activities.

Research section will highlight these aspects in more detailed fashion.


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